Logic Property Wealth Australia are an elite group of focused, positive, responsible and proactive people who are using property as a vehicle to build wealth.  Although Logic Property is a newly formed business, I (Simon Meehan) have been working in the wealth creation industry since 1997 and have helped over 1800 clients create portfolios totalling hundreds of millions of dollars.



Logic Property Wealth Australia supply property through licensed agents and developers.  All of our property is selected by myself and meets all the requirements and criteria as discussed with over 15,000 people throughout the last 25 years. This program is tried and tested by my clients and myself. We do go over all these important points throughout our presentations and workshops.

Very few people build wealth in property. Throughout our presentations you will find a way in which you can build wealth for yourself using a tried and proven method. You will see just how elite our clients are and have become with their ability to duplicate their own asset base time and time again.

We provide a personalized focus and ongoing commitment to work with you to build and grow a land based property portfolio.  We educate our clients on the importance of Location, Land Content and Timing.  We provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ with independent businesses that consult personally to Logic Property clients.  These services include a full financial brokerage service, Insurance, Property Managers, an Independent Legal Team and a full financial planning service.

We ensure absolute disclosure.  We educate our clients on finance options and understanding the importance of controlling the valuation process.  We only supply property through licensed agents and developers to enable our clients to duplicate allowing the best chance of obtaining retirement goals.

Welcome to the journey that Logic Property Wealth Australia provides.