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Are you worried about retirement?

Most people recognise that once they retire, their lifestyle will change dramatically as their super won’t provide an income anywhere near what they have now. But what can they do about it?

For more than 25 years Simon Meehan of Logic Property Wealth Australia (LPWA) has helped thousands of everyday Australians build wealth through real estate investment. We firmly believe that every Australian, with the proper education, can retire financially free, and that’s why we developed The logical way to invest in real estate. Download the FREE ebook and you too can have the knowledge to get started on the road to financial freedom.

What you will learn

In this ebook you will discover the key criteria that we have used to maximise the return on investment for our customers. Download the ebook and find out for yourself.

“Inspired by my father’s success with Logic, we invested just three years ago, and were recently able to purchase our second investment property. Thanks to the knowledge passed on by Simon, my wife and I have never been more confident about our financial future.”

Shannon Vass

“Contacting Simon has been the most significant thing I have ever done regarding our wealth building. I’m proud to say that my two sons and their families are also clients of LPWA, and since that initial phone call I’ve referred over a dozen other family members and friends.”

Greg Gates

“After a marriage breakdown, I was forced to sell my assets and start again. Something I wouldn’t have done without Simon’s help and guidance. Now all three of my sons are poised to build significant portfolios throughout their lives using Logic Property Wealth Australia.”

Phil Meehan

We’ll take care of everything

Through enduring partnerships with renowned developers and financial advisors nationwide, we’re able to provide our customers a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Our services encompass everything from sourcing and developing suitable real estate, to structuring your finances and securing tenants. Download the ebook to find out more.

Finding the
right property

Years of experience has taught us what type of property will deliver you the best return on investment and suit your borrowing capacity. We only suggest 100% brand new property off the plan.

financial advice

We use licensed Financial Planners and fully accredited Finance Brokers with an intimate knowledge of bank rules and regulations, and the Australian tax system.


Maintenance and tenancy issues can be a real headache for even the most seasoned investors. Property management is just part of the complete end-to-end solution we offer our clients.

Frequently asked questions

The initial step involves attending a meeting with one of our LPWA representatives. During this meeting, you will provide some necessary details, and we will arrange a free assessment of your borrowing capacity through our Australian finance broker. This assessment is crucial as it helps you understand what is possible within your financial means. In the meeting, you will also discuss your goals and the timeframe in which you wish to achieve them. This is a critical decision-making process, and we will guide you through it to ensure you make informed choices.
Property is consistently recognised as one of the most robust asset classes, which is evident from the significant leverage banks are willing to provide for property investments compared to other asset classes. Investing in Australian property has proven to be an exceptional long-term investment and is expected to remain a secure and robust option. With Australia experiencing substantial population growth and a steady natural birth rate, the demand for residential property remains strong for years to come.
While it is possible to manage your property investment on your own, most of our clients choose not to do so because they are experts in their respective fields and prefer to let us handle the complexities of property investment. Considering all factors, including the time spent on the job, it is unlikely that you could achieve similar results at the same cost. Our team at LPWA possesses extensive experience in the Australian investment property industry and can secure the right property in the appropriate structure for all our clients. We ensure legal protection and adherence to Australian building standards, providing our clients with peace of mind.
The primary risk associated with property investment is cash flow. It is influenced by two main factors: interest rates and tenant rent. However, these risks can be mitigated effectively. You can combat interest rate fluctuations by locking in your rate, while rental risk can be reduced through careful planning and insurance options. Our location criteria and focus on properties in the lower quartile help minimise rental risks, ensuring affordable rents for tenants.
If you already have equity in your own home, you won’t require any additional cash. We recommend using any available cash to pay off your home loan because mortgage payments on your primary residence are not tax-deductible and can affect your borrowing capacity. If you don’t own a home, you will need approximately 15% of the property’s purchase price to cover the deposit, associated costs, and incidentals.
No, we are not affiliated with the major banks. LPWA operates as a comprehensive “one-stop-shop.” Our group consists of independently owned companies specialising in property development, marketing, finance, management, and legal services. We have carefully selected these businesses to ensure they provide the best possible service to our clients, tailored to their specific needs.

Still have questions?

We understand that “property investment” can seem quite daunting, and something many will put in the too hard basket. But rest assured, we’ve helped thousands of Australians, just like yourself, build wealth for their retirement. So If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them as best we can.

Who are LPWA?

Simon Meehan, founder of Logic Property Wealth Australia, has been involved in the property investment industry for over 25 years. He created LPWA to help everyday Australians, who without support would be unable to achieve financial security in their retirement.

First and foremost, LPWA helps our clients understand the key criteria we use for each and every property investment, and then show them the right finance structure that will allow their long term success.

As a result of our long term partnerships, our clients gain access to exceptional guidance and impartial advice from highly regarded builders, developers, financial planners, and lawyers throughout Australia.

Enduring partnerships