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Are you confused by all the differing and conflicting advice regarding the real estate market?
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My name is Simon Meehan and my company LPWA P/L trades as Logic Property Wealth Australia.
Why? Because every decision we make should be LOGICAL!

Over the past 25 years, I have worked personally with thousands of clients helping them grow substantial wealth.
How? By educating clients on a simple, safe and secure “Structure to Duplicate” and explaining the difference between Property and Real Estate.

LPWA P/L will show you how your circumstances can fit and utilize the “Structure to Duplicate”.
​We will show you how to safely secure assets, build your portfolio by utilizing leverage to obtain Compound Growth.
We will show you that without doing this, it is near impossible to build wealth.

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“Why over 90% of the worlds multi-millionaires have used property as their vehicle of choice and not shares.”
“Why the correct Australian residential property will be in such high demand for the next 50 years and continue to grow at strong rates and other property will not.”
“Why regional markets are a LPWA P/L definite No Go!”
“Exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.”
“What you could do in the next 60 days to fast track and secure land based property investment with a 6-7% rental yield.”
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“How few people really build wealth with property and how you can be in the top 1% of how Australian’s retire.”
“Where LPWA P/L suggests investigating property right now and why those areas meet out stringent criteria.”
“What is the real value of property.”
“Predicting the future growth of areas by studying the past.”